ARCHI TEAM CONSULT is guided by three factors:

  1. The over 33 years work experience and professional activity of the founder Dipl – Ing. Arch. Istvan Alexander Toth in architectural design and construction coordination, of which 24 years in Germany for architectural design, execution and management offices.
  2. The enthusiasm and desire to assert of  a group of young architects and engineers, driven by the desire of proving that you can create functional, modern, aesthetic and paying objects, through  a vision focused on the needs of beneficiaries and a detailing of proposed solutions.
  3. Profiling on complete, comprehensive and competent services, by organizing work in modular system, consisting of basic office, a group of specialized companies, and a group of architects and engineers freelancers.
    General or specialized design, consulting, coordination or management  can be developed by teams with variable composition and size, adapted to the needs of beneficiaries.
ISO certifications